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MTV So many shots fired. Lisa Rinna saw her in a condition that was, well, um, not exactly, but not not exactly sober and called Kim on it. Because Kim hinted that her husband had an unsavory history. Touch him in the future? No one was killed, but it was still ill. They are just drunk all the time, right? Or am I just old?

#RHOA: Truth, Texts and Lies: Did Apollo and Kenya Really Hook Up in LA?

Originally posted by Assyb: Originally posted by Jimmy: Ghost in the machine. Locate a suitable site for a base.

Apollo also alleged Kenya proposed a face-to-face hook up while the two were in California. On last week’s episode of RHOA, when confronted by his wife, Phaedra, Apollo said Kenya “wanted to f**k, ok, she wanted to have sex in LA.”.

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According to MTO Apollo has now admitted on camera that he was trying to hook up with Kenya and that the two have kissed. My guess is that his marriage to Phaedra really is over and now Apollo has no reason to hide his actions from her.

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Ill-Fated Dinners In the spirit of being a decent person, Kandi decides that, given the high level of conflict within their group, the Atlanta Housewives should get together for a nice peaceful meal and mend their fences. Which leads to the question…has she ever actually seen this show? Housewives dinners are notorious for, well, ladies screaming at each other , even more acutely than they usually do on this franchise.

People flip tables , they get in altercations with e-cig smoking psychics , they have mental breakdowns while eating organic gummy bears and referencing Al Sharpton, they hear that someone wants to “take the Beadors down” and lose their minds. To put it mildly, it’s a scene, always.

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Perhaps love cares less about past behavior, and concentrates more on moving ahead. Everyone has a past. Now I will say that Kenya has said she wants marriage and kids.. Ashley And from what happened in Anquilla,getting Apollo would not be hard at all,for Kenya to do! Youre with a man who has no problem feelin up another woman in your face.

On the show,Phaedra said most of the time she wake up wanting to kill her husband! Dont sound like something anyone would envy. He is a ex-con.

Is Phaedra Parks planning return to Bravo with NYC appearance?

Porsha answers questions regarding her time in anger management, particularly if she regrets her physical attacks on Kenya and Cynthia. Porsha claims she apologized and admits that neither of her castmates got what they deserved, but neither did she. Porsha can’t just own her own stuff and leave it at that.

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Gobei Does Phaedra really see Kenya as a threat to her marriage?. Truth, Texts and Lies: Did kenya and apollo hook up Tea party for teenage girls Sexy open boobs Asian girls eating pussy, mature pussy lickin mature black apple aand. According to MTO Apollo has did kenya and apollo hook up admitted on camera that he was trying to hook up kp Kenya and that the two have kissed. All the time Apollo apollk the middle feeling so damn macho about himself that these two women are fighting over him…he kept up the facade.

Did kenya and apollo hook up. Phaedra worried about her own life and the feds on her tail. All the time Apollo in the middle feeling so damn macho about himself that these two women are fighting over fid kept up the facade. Did apollo hook up with kenya, The show as candidates to hook them up with Kenya and other. I agree with you, Phaedra does owe Kenya an apology. Apparently the texts were innocent, but if you recall, Moore brought them up during the season 5 reunion as if Apollo was trying to pursue her.

Fakedra should be ashamed. They are such hypocrites.

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Socialite Vera Sidika with her new love musician Otile Brown. By Thomas Matiko A move by socialite Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown to get back together in Dubai has been slammed as a cheap attention-seeking gimmick. The two hooked up at a hotel in Dubai on Thursday night. They both did not offer any explanation on whether they had reunited or actually had not broken up in the first place.

Apollo Nida has finally come clean about the Kenya Moore #TextGate. It appears he’s making things right before he starts serving his 8-year prison term. He might be looking for “friends” to put money on his books while he’s in the pokey. Nevertheless, he’s finally confessing to .

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‘RHOA’ Season 7 poll: Did Kenya Moore actually hook up with Apollo Nida?

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Porsha Williams Have Sex With Apollo Nida? This rumor sounds a bit far fetched, but stranger things have happened when it comes to the world of reality TV. This week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed their reunion.

More News Forget standing by her man. After five years of marriage, Phaedra Parks finally decides to call it quits with husband and convicted felon Apollo Nida in the March 22 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, while Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan, and Porsha Williams continue to hash out their differences during a group counseling session. Real Housewives husbands hall of fame Phaedra cites Apollo’s strange behavior and criminal past as the reasons why she can’t take any more.

Before beginning his eight-year sentence for fraud, Apollo acted erratically, creating a huge rift in the couple’s marriage. Because of her problems at home, her friendships with the rest of the housewives fall by the wayside. Jakes, about her marital problems. Housewives’ plastic surgery — before and after pics In a rare display of emotion, Phaedra breaks down in tears.

She wanted to be the perfect wife, she tells Sarah, but Apollo would do anything just to be mean and hurtful. But for the first time in years, she says she has peace. Real Housewives husbands hall of fame A few days later, Phaedra meets with her mentor and fellow attorney Ronnie Kaplan to get advice on how she needs to proceed. Some people do change their lives and make a difference…maybe he was conning me the whole time. A divorce is a death. A death of a relationship.

Jeff couldn’t convince NeNe to return to the group counseling session even though it was her idea!

Here’s what Elora and Simone were fighting about on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

I believe Phaedra though. As beautiful as she is, Kenya can’t seem to get a good man. She acts a bit desperate. I think she’s longing for love and to be touched and kissed and all that.

Shots Fired: Kenya Moore On Wendy Williams Talks Hooking Up With Apollo, Porsha Beef, Nene, And More! [Video].

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Whoa there!

Jul 28, Nida’s blatant disrespect for their marriage is what has prompted Parks to serve him the papers, a source told Media Take Out. Phaedra is a good and loving woman and she tried to stand by him, honor, and hold him down,” the source said. But, Nida has been staying out all night, and he doesn’t even bother telling his wife where he is, the source said, adding, “He’s out here talking disrespectful about their marriage.

Phaedra Parks Outs Kenya Moore’s ‘Affair’ With Apollo Nida Mar, 5 | Written by ATLien Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is known for keeping a cool head onscreen but she almost lost it last week when Kenya Moore tried to verbally attack her over an unsubstantiated rumor.

Tonight, however, we got the first hint that things aren’t as calm as they seem on the surface when Cynthia Bailey went head to head with Phaedra Parks. Since initially joining RHOA with a belligerent bang, Miss Phaedra has really evolved into a likable Housewife who tends to stay above the fray and avoids the catty drama for the most part.

Or so we thought. Turns out Phaedra only seems to be showing one of her faces, and tonight Cynthia busted her for the second one. And it wasn’t just gossip that could be easily dismissed as rumor — NeNe had proof. Apparently Phaedra had butt-dialed NeNe, and it was all there, crystal clear.

RHOA: Matt Breaks Down in Front of Kenya (Season 9, Episode 18)